Project feedback. Several times redject.

Hello everyone!
My new variant of project was redjected. In each variants I made a serios improvement but it was not enough for reviewers. They gave me reject again and again without any detail.
So what should I improve in this time to not receive a warning from reviewers?
I try to make some like my first project in such style that was accepted and sold well.
Thank you

I also rejected the slide show, I also do not understand why my project rejected.

You have a good project

Thank you!
Yes, it’s frustrating when reviewrs leave the standard message without any detail about reject.
Sometimes(rarely) they give some detail and it’s very help in improvement of project.

this project is similar to 1000+ projects already uploaded on envato - this is the reason. yesterday was same topic. and day before. every one wants to create template using this popular style of animation =) but you forget about envato requirement: “unique projects” =) yes, they accept some of them. but its like a 1 of 10.

your item rejected not because there is some mistakes - they just do not need it in the market.

use unique details in slideshow, creative style… if you will create something new for envato it will not be rejected even you have little mistakes

new - unique - creative

Sorry, but why it’s not unique project?
I know only 4 or 5 slideshow in such style, where camera continuously flies without mask or other transition.
My first approval project in this style was in top of the week and here example from other author

I think sales of this speak for themselves.

It looks unique, the quality is much higher than average. Very strange that it has been rejected. Good luck!

Thank you! Work on another version of this project! :slight_smile: