My Project got rejected and I am clueless why?

Hi guys,

This is my third project which got rejected I tried to follow all the guidelines and spent a lot of time creating a help file explaining all the editable features of the project. The rejection reply they send is a template in itself and doesn’t seem to help the author to understand what exactly went wrong. It’s always throwing an arrow in the dark hoping for it to hit the target. Please give me your feedback.



Okey, i watch this 3 times and i think know what is wrong.
Project is okey but:

  • animation of movment camera is poor (try to slow down movment of camera)
  • text is not readable in my opinion (to fast) if you do not any solution to slow down this in easy way in project it can be a problem
  • i think its a little bit seamless
  • Not opening title i mean you start from middle scene, with title, try to improve with someting like reveal photos on blank screen, and give it driven animation smooth.

Rest i think is okey.

Hay man thank you for your helpful prompt response. They’ve already hard rejected the project and I am no longer allowed to resubmit it. So unfortunately this one going to trash :pensive:. But I wonder if the criteria of project acceptance is that much critical then how come so many below average projects make it to market.

Acceptane of project depends on lots of things. May be simple looking projects with fadein animation may look average project for you. It may not work on every case. But Each Item approved have a significant thing in the projects. It depends on How much useful it for Client or buyer. So Just throwing a work that similar to lots of projects will just sits there in library without sales. You just need to have a focus on what is selling and what is not . Whats the trend going on etc. etc. Finally I would like tell you one thing for sure Competition is really heavy now a days Please keep in mind and make those projects by taking necessary points why this project is approved and why your project is not. The envato reviewers are here for a long time. And I know and analyzed why they are approving this project like that. nothing is underrated here when it is approved. In the looks of designers it looks like seems ok. But for the buyers with elgance of templates works.

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Thanks for your detailed reply. I am gonna try to do something simple and trendy this time probably a logo sting, will see how it goes this time. :crossed_fingers:t4: