[REJECT] seriously? why?

I got a letter of refusal to publish my project with this comment:

"When reviewing these types of projects, we take into consideration the flexibility, usefulness, appeal to a broader audience and broadcast readiness of the file. Unfortunately we do not feel as though this project meets the standards we have set for these criteria. "

I understand that such projects very much, and they are selected according to high standards, but I do not understand why my project rejected, and these projects are approved
(And many others) who have less than a high quality rendering, animation, pull is enough, it is less flexible (not all color variations). At the same time, my project is very easy to use: put your videos, select the desired camera (or select the desired duration of the video) and send it to render. The quality of the rendering model - one of my best (of not captured on camera), but I got reject. Can you explain me better? Thank you for understanding

The phone looks great. For me, I think the camera moves are quite weak, the transitions need some work and there’s not that much to the text, even though the transitions of the text are pretty nice.

With the current camera moves it seems a bit confused and jumbled, like you’ve spent a great deal of time getting the model and the lighting and the whole project all set up just right, but that the camera movements weren’t given much thought.

That’s they way I see it anyway.

I agree with @SpaceStockFootage
I think the important here is transitions. Need more work… :wink:

i think that his project is acceptable , i do not mean that this is perfect but i tend to believe that if it had to be rejected then it would take a soft rejection and an explanation to make him get to understand what is the supposed to be the real matter about what he did (not our personal opinions but the official one of the marketplace and its team) so that he can get to improve and fix what is preventing him with getting his item approved. Some guys have the following reasoning: this is a professional marketplace and people in Envato teams are not here to teach the job to guys, what i can understand , however , if we follow the same “guideline” why are all guys taken to school and given a let go , a mark or whatever by going through the reviewing process when we are all supposed to be professionals and that some of us have either a long and sometimes a successful career behind us?

correct me if i am wrong please but this is not supposed to be different videos that customers haver to choose from? because if so why would he have to work on transitions except for presentations purposes and how could an item get hard rejected for not displaying the best ever presentation ?

The animations are pre-rendered, so you’re stuck with the camera moves shown in the preview.