Rejected project! Help me find out the reasons.

Dear Authors,
Please help me to find out the reasons that why my project had been rejected by envato quality team? Thanks in advance.

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:

Thank you for taking the time to submit your item. Unfortunately this item does not meet our quality requirements and cannot be accepted at this time.

The item does not meet our minimum design, animation, and technical requirements. We strive to accept professional quality projects, and unfortunately this submission doesn’t quite meet that criteria.

When reviewing projects, in addition to overall quality of design and execution, we take into consideration the flexibility, usefulness, appeal to a broader audience and broadcast readiness of the file. Unfortunately we don’t feel as though this project meets the standards we have set for these criteria.

There are brands in the products. it is forbidden.

you should use different transitions instead of curtains

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Thanks for your review Sir.

Sorry for your rejection. you must add more effective element or something for background. because now this is little bit boring. other thing is colors. The screen color and the background color are not suited for these scenes as I see them. So you have to think of another way to color. following the best authors and get ideas for you next future template. wish you all the best.!
Thank you :slight_smile:
Motion :fox_face:

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You have to play a little more with the colors, and add some animated elements that enhance the product you advertise. Also the transition is a bit repetitive. Remember that details are very important when you generate good ideas.

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Thanks for your kind review.

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Thanks for your help! I appreciate your review sir. I am trying to learn more day by day.

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