Progressive metal song \m/ :)



Hi, guys! Want to share my new song with community members. It’s not for AudioJungle, just for personal listening :slight_smile:

Hope you will like it :slight_smile:



i really enjoyed it. Beautiful sound overall! Thanks for sharing. :sunglasses:

P.s. ENGL?


Thats Great. The guitar part is awesome. I also play guitar. Its my hobby. You are a pro man!!!


Hey mate this real meat !!!


This reminds me some β€œSavatage” & β€œBlindGuardian” :slight_smile:


Thank you! Glad to hear that you like it :!) :+1:

I re-amp my guitar with Kemper Amplifier. There different amps for rhythm, solo and crunch. For main rhythm guitar sound I used orange amp (If I am not mistaken) . :slight_smile:


Oh, amazing hobby! :+1:Thank you so much!) I played more than 5 years at progressive metal band before AJ :slight_smile:


Thanks!)) \m/


Really nice, beautiful piece! Sounds professional in every aspect.


Excellent mix and great emotion


@SixideBeats, @BlueSkyAudio
Thank you guys! I’m very glad to hear that you like this song! I really aprecciate it!!! :beers:


Nice track bro!!


Thank you, mate!!


Nice track! @LuckyBlackCat


Thanks, mate!!