(AudioJungle) Share your playing videos


I’m sure there are lots of good musicians here on the forums - I’d love to see videos of your playing! My main instrument is guitar even though production-wise I mostly use MIDI keyboards.

In the past few years I’ve dabbled around with modern technical “djentish” metal stuff, here’s my take on Scarlet by Periphery:

Although Telecaster is not meant to be used this way I guess :smiley:


Here’s me a few years ago

Vocal version here (really old!) - https://soundcloud.com/delusiuk/she-has-made-me-this-way


Cool stuff guys…most of the work I put up on here I do via midi controller / keyboards, which I also play professionally, but I went to school for saxophone. Here’s one from a recent show (it’s not my song) - but with the band I’ve been touring with for several years now called Sister Hazel - check their stuff out too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ekDicuQ668


Nice one! Thanks for posting!


Well played, sir! :slight_smile: Saxophone is one of the coolest instruments ever!


Well… O’k :smiley:


I’ve only got this low quality clip from three and a half years ago with what appear to be some gun shots to the wall. :smile:

@Driving definitely a sight rarely seen, a downtuned humbucker equipped legit Fender Tele


Oh!!! Cool topic!! My video for you, really made it a very long time ago. I apologize for the quality:


Very beautifull, I have no words!!! :clap:


Monster!!:)) Good playing!!! Meeeetallll!!!:))


Damn man, that grooves! I have soft spot for fusion jazz in my heart and I always love to hear this kind of playing. Good job! I should try and record something similar jamlike in near future as well :smile:

Here’s a short clip of a more metal like solo I participated in 2013 for a Toontrack competition where one had to create a new solo on top of Periphery song. The guitar is wonderful Mayones Regius seven string version, nice instrument to play with!

Your video reminded me a bit of Jack Gardiner’s playing. I love his style, here’s one of his solos I really love:


Nice one! Good mix of styles and emotions!