Share your youtube profiles!


I hope i’m not breaking any forum rules by doing this. I recently started a youtube channel for my music and i would really apreciate if you would check it out at

I had some help with AE from a good friend of mine from videohive so here’s a shoutout to _Terry!

Please share your youtube channels so we authors can help each other out!

We help to make our YouTube channel known!

Hi, @_Sinewave! You write awesome music!
Our YouTube channel created recently and there is little video, but hope you like it.


I have a personal youtube account

in which i mainly post me playing odd instruments and showcasing my music.
i also published cool project called “AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 INSTRUMENTS”:

in which i played 80 instruments in 13 video-songs.

But i also have another channel dedicated to audiojungle:

in which i showcase videohive templates with my music added in background.
if some videohivers want to join, i’m open! :slight_smile:


@bosone Wow! that’s impressive!




thanks! :slight_smile:


Here’s our Youtube Channel with the latest songs! :slight_smile:





Here’s our YouTube Channel all about my music stuff! :slight_smile:

Best regards!


Here’s our YouTube Channel



Hi fellows! This is my Youtube channel

Have a nice day


Here’s my channel: Click on this magic link


Here’s my youtube channel:


This is amazing!! Subscribed.


Hi all,

Here’s my youtube channel.

I’m keen to try and grow my channel further.


Great thread! Here’s mine:

Have your channels been helping you guys with sales?

Hope you enjoy the videos. Cheers!


This is a super thread!

Here’s my profile and i will be subbing, commenting and liking lots of your channels and content! Please help me start up my channel too, cause i am in the first stages no!
Thank you, mates!


Hi Guys,
I’ll subscribe your channels in a couple of hours.
And here is mine :



Here is mine:

most viewed video (7.7k) today brings me facepalm ))