Feedback please! :)

Hey everyone
had a hiatus from writing, to sort the studio out, now i’m back on track, hows this sounding, the structure is finished, i need to polish the overall sound though i think, any views would be greatly appreciated

Thank you!

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Nice track, but there are sounds not much brilliant, specially the strings sound… the ending is too abrupt.
This is my opinion, best regards! :slight_smile:

@RobertoFlora Thanks Roberto, I appreciate your comments, I must be doing something wrong, as I use Omnisphere 2, 8dio strings and Symphobia, surely my sounds shouldn’t be sounding inferior? Thanks again :slight_smile:

I think it’s a mixing/mastering problem, try to equalize better the strings sound… the mixing/mastering is also my problem, I have a lot of rejections for that, ahah! There are very experienced authors who can advise you better, good luck! :slight_smile:

@RobertoFlora I tend to agree, i use Izotope Neutron, and Ozone 7, but, i’m still learning how to use them, mixing & mastering is so hard to ger right, as its so subjective! hope you have better luck with your submissions dude! :slight_smile: