Feedback? :)


Hi there, I just uploaded a new track after a long break , it will be in queue for a loooooooong time. It would be cool to get some feedback while I’m waiting, if you have time. thanks :slight_smile:


Hi! Nice idea of track, but to my mixing is not great. I think you need to add more verb :slight_smile:


Hi Wavetoys, cool track. You would like only positive feedback ofcourse… It’s a long time waiting. I feel that the track could be more tight.
Have one myself that I would like opinions of (post it tomorrow) because I feel great about it.


Hi, thanks for feedback, I don’t want just positive comments, it’s ok to say whats wrong, I can learn from that + having fresh ears is great and I can make updated version and upload it as second version when it gets approved :slight_smile: I could try more reverb, it could be nice, thanks!


This is not my department but it sound great. Best of luck mate :slight_smile:


music cool but as for me needs more “deep” and a little bit better mixing.
btw, you are right - positive comments are not useful at all =) nice to get them from buyers as a reward, but when you asking “what is wrong, guys?” positive feedback is like “i can’t help you but want to say something” =)


Yeah, I noticed that I don’t sell tracks of which I’m proud of and spend a lot of time, so i decided not to spend more than 5-6 hours per track , it’s unpredictable. This was made in 3 hours and I didn’t spend enough time on arrangement and mix/master. This is a great way to see if track has a potential and if it’s worth to spend more time on it, I already made updated version with better mix and denser arrangment, and I will upload it as a second version. Thank you all for honest feeeback ! :slight_smile: