Ciao guys, another rejection to ask the forum some thoughts about

thank you

I think the review process is changed and is harder now to get tracks approved, what do you think about?


interesting track… I love your style! maybe I would do some additional variations to avoid repetitiveness…
anyway, it sounds great! I’m affraid there are lots of tracks here…, lots of authors… I think it’s normal it’s harder to get tracks approved… the competence is fierce!
Good luck!

thanks man

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Hello! Too sharp start. Strange bass (it would be more practical if you replace it with a simple sub-bass, for example). Too experimental sound for jungle. Maybe if you start with 1:32 and finalize some moments - it would be a good chill. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Good Point @danyvin :slight_smile:
It’s a usual thing to start with some reversed sound… and totally agree… the chords sound little bit weird…