Problems with License on YouTube

I’ve uploaded a few videos to YouTube that included songs from the Envato library. I was immediately hit with a copyright claim from Haawk for a 3rd Party. Is there any way that the songs that are licensed here could be preapproved for use on YouTube? It really is a pain to have to challenge every single video and then not have it monetized. Thanks!

Most music is registered with ContentID. When you buy a license on AJ, the license is the key to clear the copyright claim. For music registered with Haawk, you can visit this page and provide your license, the claim is then released with a few hours. Once the claim is cleared, the video can indeed be monetized.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to clear a claim prior to publishing the video. This is a YouTube issue, though, and has nothing to do with Envato. What you can do is publish your video as “unlisted”, clear the claim and once it is indeed lifted, set your video’s status as public, this way you won’t lose monetized views. Not ideal, but this is what Youtube is letting us work with.