HAAWK - Youtube Copyright Claim

Hello All,
I paid Envato to use an audio file in my youtube channel. But Everytime I upload a video with this music I got the “CopyRight Claim” and I have to do a dispute providing my license details (the text file which comes with the audio file I bought)
But this is happening with every single video I Upload, I have to wait every time a few hours for HAAWK to approve my video.
Is there a way to have this solved always for my youtube channels?

Any Advice?

Hey @stevehajjar ! Upload the video before your official release date (make it private), deal with the claim and you can monetize your video from day one. You cannot bypass the claims, it’s a standard for every artist who has works in the content id sistem to prevent or block illegal uses. Best wishes!

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You can make a dispute after the publication and if it’s accepted, all cash will go to you. If I remember correctly, you have 7 days (it has to be double checked) for a reversed dispute.