How to remove copyright claims by HAAWK in production video?

We had purchased “MUSIC STANDARD LICENSE” for a music, from AudioJungle.

Recently, we have disputed Content ID claims from YouTube -

We contacted HAAWK, by letting them know our item purchase code.

Later, they mentioned the claim is released.

Now, in YouTube studio, I can see now there is no copyright claim from HAAWK -

However, in the published video, I still see there is copyright claim from HAAWK -

Anyone has any idea, how I can get rid of the copyright claim? With such copyright claim, I cannot use the video to promote the app in Google Play store.


Thank you for bringing this up. I also just caught this issue on another video. Once the claim is released, your video shouldn’t be impacted any longer by having that “more info” card.

Looks like Haawk’s settings are not correct, or at least incompatible with AJ licensing. This is a huge issue for all authors who made the switch from AdRev to Haawk. We authors should contact Haawk right away and ask them to remove this lingering card, which is a deal-breaker in the context of Audiojungle.

@yccheok, you should contact the author of the music you licensed and let them know about your issue. You could also contact Haawk again and ask them to remove this card since you legitimately licensed the music. Hopefully, it will be resolved quickly.

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Did you speak to them?

Yes, I did. I thought I had posted a follow-up on here, but it looks like I left it as a draft.

So, the “ad card” is indeed removed when the license is cleared. But there is a 24-hour delay before it is effective.

Asset owners can opt-out of this “ad card” display. This way, their buyers won’t have to wait for the additional 24 hours. You can ask Haawk’s support to opt-out, it takes around 5 days to be effective.


Just to update on my reported issue.

What I did is

  1. I contact the music author

  2. The music author contacts HAAWK to alias with them

  3. The ban lifted after few days passed. I can now again use the video again to promote product in Google Play store.


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Thanks for letting us know. Glad your issue was resolved!

I’ve just had a Copyright claim with HAAWK Also!!! How can I this be fixed? I’ve added the copyright info in the dispute bit but I never want to use them again, how can I done. Why I’m I paying envato to have this kinda thing happen to me?

You’re paying Envato, precisely to have a license so that you can lift such copyright claims.

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