Problems with CodeCanyon Review Process


I have a product here in CodeCanyon, which is a Desktop software. Recently I noticed grammatical error in the Banner and the Video preview. So, I updated the banner (590X300), with the Video Preview. But completely out of no-where, Reviewer soft-disabled the product for screenshot issues and documentation.

This is an Desktop app. The screenshots are exactly of the same size of that software. If I reduce the size it would cut the screenshot of software. So, it can’t be 1280px x 720px of size as the Software is not 1280px x 720px

The “Documentation” is inside the Software. At the bottom of it. When someone opens the Software, he or she will get it instantly.

The reviewer forced me alter the screenshot, and to add another external Documentation. He/She clearly said, “Hi Tawhidur Rahman, you will need to add a external documentation, as I requested before, you can use the template provided or build an PDF or HTML one, thanks.”

I did this only to satisfy him/her. Now today another rejection saying, I also need to update the whole software describing every button and textbox. Probably the reviewer is considering the buyer as a infant. Why did he/she not tell me that at the first time?

Above all, why Envato approved this product in the present way at the first time? This was a live product wit sales. If I did not try to update the Banner and Video preview to fix grammatical error, I would never face it.


It’s frustrating but most of the items at CodeCanyon being reviewed again to catch the latest changes ( item submission ) and they may ask you to change few other things as well ( after your submission )

Just be patient and follow the changes. You may probably get the “soft-disabled” item sometime soon if it wasn’t now.

Main screenshot 590x300 its only the features image for your item which can be listed on codecanyon → Include only a good features and a little part of item what you are going to sale.
Do not take screenshot of your desktop or item image and make them to that size 590x300.
Just include good things in that image with a good UI of item.