Problem with jupiter theme (updates and Visual Composer)

Hi everybody,

I bought 2 year ago a Jupiter theme with Visual composer included in order to create my company website. Everything was working fine until today.

I tried today to add some more features to my website but i got no acces to visual composer and so i can’t change anything in my pages… However, my website is still online and working fine.

I tried to use the Envato toolkit to upgrade my Jupiter theme (from 4.0.9 to 5th version, but even with the good username and APIkey, nothing is proposed to me in order to upgrade my theme.

What can i do ? This is really important for me and should be fixed asap …

PS: Another weird thing is that i can’t see in my buying history that i purchased Jupiter theme from Envato market, why ?

Thanks by advance

Make sure you are logged in your correct envato account. Maybe you purchased the theme from another account. That is why you don’t see any downloads on your account.

If you have problems with Jupiter theme please contact the author/seller to give you support. If your 6months support is expired, my suggestion is to extend it.


You probably can’t access VC etc because the theme and plugin is out of date (and maybe your hosting PHP).

If auto updates are not working then you can always download the latest versions (available for life) from the purchase account and do it manually.

That said if it’s not in your downloads then as @ThemeSLR said you need to login using the purchase account. Likewise if you need author support.

The only reason the file would not be in this account is:

  1. it was bought using a different account

  2. it was refunded or if the payment was challenged or reversed

You have a buyer badge socare other purchases in your downloads page?