I do not get it

I have severly witnessed with my own eyeballs a severe lack of support and assistence from these author but you go and make a bad review and say so they will tell you that is not true at all and argue with you. So is it normal for me to fight and try to go through many channels, websites, social media platforms to try to talk to an author and all methods are blocked, this is normal? Not one author but many? You buy something from anyone on here and good luck to you. Now I bought something I know I did. I am trying to update it and it is saying invalid key, somehow. Well it is not showing up in my downloads at all but i found it in elements downloads. Try to get key but here at envato you download items and get no key with it, somehow. And again another situation where after 20 minutes of fighting I was finally able to find a way to talk to this author.

Bottom line the communications, support and respec from authorst needs to be drastically improved. I can prove two authors on here have zero support. Themes I bought from theme forest were utter crap, worse authors ever. I kept making a bad review and 6 bad reviews were removed. Real nice. If there is no support, then how can the author claim there is? Themeforrest is a joke. Then I get theme from elements and OMG for a free theme it worked 10x better and easier than anything on themeforrest.

Why can’t I do reviews in elements?

Envato elements downloads do not come with support or updates, hence no purchase code or key.

It is not possile to review Elements items at present - but in this cicrumstance it does not sound like it is doing anything out of scope unfortunately.

So screw me huh? This is allowed?

If this as the full TF copy then you would still not get a license to update bundled plugins.

However, the author of the theme may well update the plugins they are including

As per above Elements does not include updates or support so it is less likely that this will be as frequent on there, although some authors will update their TF and elements items at a similar time

Unfortunately, this is all part of the T&Cs that we agree to when buying from elements or TF, so regardless of the rights and/or wrongs it is not grounds to leave negative feedback etc.

We are literally talking about two different things here.
I did not get this a part of a bundle.
I got it from codecanyon
I only give bad reviews to authors who have no support.
So that is what envato does? Allow insecure outdated plugins to be downloaded with no hope of updating.
Does it state in those T&C that envato will not be responsible as a third party liability for negligence? Why would any one download any plugin that is old and can not be updated?
See why I say I don’t get it?

BUT above you mentioned:

Presumably, this is the plugin in the screenshot you shared? If it is from Elements then this would be why you do not get the key you need to auto-update the item

It is not good that you have had bad experiences but it’s not fair to tarnish all authors with the same brush based on a handful of purchases. We’ve purchased over 1,300 items and less than 15% of the authors have been pretty much anything less than great when it comes to support, as long as we set realistic expectations that keep support policy etc. in mind

Unfortunately in a marketplace as big as this there really is no feasible way for them to monitor every item for sale

No, becuse this is not realistic, and hence why, if (when the item is purchased) it is broken then they would refund it

When I signed up to begin with, within 3 hours I had an issue, got zero support and had to go above the author to get the help I needed. You bought 1,300 items no issue? But I buy less than 10 and all ten from 1 to 2 to 3 and so on, issue after issue. Okay sure.

Then how do I update this?

That item is the envato elements version, and unfortunately, as per the above, these do not come with support or updates.

This means you have the following options:

  1. If you are still subscribed to envato elements then you can check if the author has added a more recent version there.

If not…

  1. you could purchase the full version from CodeCanyon and get lifetime updates and 6 months support.

  2. you could investigate hiring a freelancer to help to try and make the necessary modifications.