Theme download is completly gone and item is missing.

Hi, I bought a theme a year back. I asked specifically asked about the builder and was told king composer was a great builder. Currently, the theme isn’t working, theme options are completely down and now king composer is down and it’s not looking good. I can’t afford to pay for another theme, cause all the plugins bought integrated into this theme. Not forgetting the Rand and dollar value is gone up. I bought it from ThemeForest because I thought they check all sellers on this platform. Please help, can I get a refund. What can I do? I am in total shock. My client is a charity and won’t be able to afford another theme either.

Hi @bella_3333,

Please make sure you are using the latest version theme and your server php version is uptodate.

If the above things not solved please contact the author of your purchased theme, theme author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support for any Item issue or for any technical query:


Yes I have the latest theme and php on the server. I have contacted the author and have not gotten a response. If I don’t come right with the author I would like a refund on the theme. The charity organisation doesn’t have money to buy another theme.

Try different channels to contact the author: item comments, item support tab, contact form on his profile page and wait for a few days for reply. However, if you bought it a year ago, I assume you don’t have a valid support anymore. So unless you extend it (under your account / downloads), the author is not obliged to help you. However, you can still read though the item comments sections on the item page and maybe you will find a solution there.

The author has taken the theme off themeforest. No where to be found.

It could be temporarily disabled. What item was it? Which author?