Problem with api key

Good afternoon,

I notice that in my wordpress profile there is an error in “theme activations”. The error is " Operation timed out with 0 bytes received." and whatever apy key, or token that I put, there is always this error. I tried to revoke my old api key and create another one, but when i try to change in “theme activation” page, there is always that error and the api key remains the same, that is the old revoked.
My wordpress website give several error in files “envato-class-protected-api.php” and “envato-theme-activation.php” and in several http api calls and it says “429 Too Many Requests”.
If I try to open “”, this give me this error “{“error”:“This API is being rate limited in preparation for it to be decommissioned. See Rate-limiting on the legacy API for details.”,“code”:“rate_limit”}”.
I read the article, but I don’t understood well what I to do. Can you help me please?
Best regards.