Can't get API keys

I’m trying to use Envato Market wordpress plugin to automatically update my theme (purchased on Envato), but I’m stuck on the first step:

1. Generate an Envato API Personal Token by clicking this link.

I get this error:

{"error":"unsupported_response_type","error_description":"Unknown response_type parameter passed"}

Is there any solution for this?


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Hello @mayuxi

Seems to be a temporary issues with Envato API.
Other users are reporting this too:

To make sure the devs are aware of this issue, I reported this to Envato (ticket id #1109063)

I am sure they are already working to fix this, meanwhile the status can be checked here:

All the best!


Thanks, it’s been issue for me almost for a month. I thought it’s a temporary bug, and “snoozed” updates for few weeks.
But now the problem is still there, so I thought something wrong with my account.

Hi Mayuxi,

I’ve purchased a new theme this morning (within the hour), and I’m currently being hit with this same API error.

Glad to see it’s nothing I’ve done!

Hopefully they will have it fixed soon!

This is what I received from Envato Help&Support Team today, after reporting this issue:

We experienced an issue with the API key, but fortunately the issue has been already resolved. Please accept my apologies for any inconveniences this may cause and thanks for understanding this situation!

I recommend you to clear your internet history/browser cache, restart your browser and then go and log into your account and try again. If the issue persists, it might also help using a different browser.

After clearing browser history and cache in Chrome, Safari, IE, issue is same!!!

Me, too.

I’ve cleared all browsing history, cache, cookies and tried incognito mode in every browser.

Issue still persists :frowning:

Same problem here!

I can login from here →
But can’t login if I try Theme Activation from wordpress

Same problem here, just bought a theme (and hosting!!), but when i click on.“Get Token”, I eventually get this error, even i am also logged in to my envato store where i purchased the theme

{“error”:“unsupported_response_type”,“error_description”:“Unknown response_type parameter passed”}

I tried a support ticket, wrote the message, and when i clicked 'submit, it said, oh, you are already a user? Log in! So i log in, and yep, the SAME ERROR when submitting a ticket! So i cannot access support either, just the forum for now, seems there is an API fail in the back end for now

Exactly same issue here. :frowning:


I’m supposed to be setting a client up today and I haven’t managed to progress at all due to this API error… bit worrying that the status update page is showing “issue has been fixed” when it clearly hasn’t been resolved…

Can you offer any more assistance to us please?

Updates on the issue will appear here:


same here

{“error”:“unsupported_response_type”,“error_description”:“Unknown response_type parameter passed”}

I got this message

{“error”:“unsupported_response_type”,“error_description”:“Unknown response_type parameter passed”}

cant create my token!!

I too have the same problem. Bought a theme 5 minutes ago, tried to activate through Wordpress. Result: {“error”:“unsupported_response_type”,“error_description”:“Unknown response_type parameter passed”}

I have the same issue, decided to buy the theme today and i can’t create the token thus resulting in slowing my work down a lot … no news from the status tracker, can you give us an insight of what is happening and when you think the issue is addressed?

Try again now.

Mine is working!


Cheers everyone!