Envato Market plugin can't verify API key


I have got my API key from my ‘settings’ page and have added it to the Envato Market plugin. But I get this error message:
“The OAuth Personal Token could not be verified. Please check that the Token has been entered correctly and has the minimum required permissions.” As I copied and pasted the Token, I guess I may have the wrong one or need to get the right permissions.

Hopefully you can help me sort this out.


I’ve been using the Envato WordPress Toolkit in the past on all my sites without issue. Apparently it is no longer supported. I installed the Envato Market plugin, entered my API key and installed a theme. Upon activation of the theme, my site crashed with a 500 error. I renamed the Envato Market Plugin folder to envato-market.old via ftp and my site came back up perfectly. You should be lucky you didn’t get it to verity. It’s really nice to be able to update themes and plugins easily but this plugin needs some attention to make it work properly.

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Thank you yurshmily, I really appreciate your help. Have you come across this plugin? I found it on the wordpress.org site

I wonder what you (or anyone else thinks of it)