Avada Theme Registration - Cannot get token (504 Gateway Timeout Error)

Hi There, I purchased the avada themeForest Theme from the Envato market today.
But when i tried to register, i was unable to get and API and keep getting the 504 Gateway Timeout Error.

This is my second purchase of the same item and it worked perfectly fine the last time. Any Idea Whats happening? the status page shows that all systems are up and running.

Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks


may be Envato System is updating…
This is Envato Market Status
This site is showing under construction!

Wait for update & lets tagging Envato Engineer team @rosssimpson he will update you about solution


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API is down for quite some time now.
I wonder if anyone at Envato knows about this, because no update on https://status.envato.com as well.

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Hi there, when I try to take a personal Token code for Avada theme, the Envato API page go offline with 504 error. Whats the problem? Thanks


Currently api server is down. envato engineering team @rosssimpson will fix soon.

Thanks for your patience

Hello, I’ve buyed and installed this theme, but I can’t activate it. See attached below.

Can you help me? thank you.

Best regards,


Keep eyes on this thread you will be get solution soon.

Hi, today I just bought the Pennews theme from Envato Market. I’ve tried registering many times but always get this error 504 gateway timeout. I really need it to be able to quickly finish my work.

Currently api server is down. hope api server will back to live soon.

Thanks for your patience


I just purchased the theme https://themeforest.net/item/pearl-true-multiniche-wordpress-theme/20432158

But after installation, when I generate the personal token it gives ‘504 Gateway Timeout’. it has been happening for a few hours now. Can anyone please help?

Thanks & Regards

Same for me, PenNews! theme.

This problem is only happening for new users only that want to activate a theme for the first time. When I try with a Themeforest user that has already activated the product before it is working.

Hope that Envato will fix this problem soon.


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Same as my situation. Hope they will fix it soon :frowning:

Same as my situation

Not working too… :disappointed_relieved:

Same problem. I need working template as soon as possible.

Sorry, but can anything be done soon. We were on a timeline for some work and have lost a few hours. Please help close this.

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Hi folks, we’re investigating. Will update here when it’s fixed.


Hello :wave:,

The issue affecting the API has been fixed and it should now be functional for everyone. We’re monitoring the situation to ensure it stays fixed.

Thanks all for reporting it!


It’s work, thank you !