Rate-limiting on the legacy API

Rate limiting on the legacy API

We’ve started rate-limiting the old API (e.g. marketplace.envato.com/api) to 3 requests per minute, and plan on retiring it altogether soon.

If you or one of your products still uses the old API, please switch to the current API, documented in https://build.envato.com/api/

Here’s how to tell the difference between the old and the new API:

PS: If you’re an author using the API to check for new item versions in an auto-update mechanism for your item, we recommend you use the /catalog/item-version endpoint


Hi @ejoubaud

Thanks for the info.
Are you planning to deprecated the legacy API any time soon?

I still use it for user account registration and I’ll need some time to port to the new API.

Hi @arrowthemes

Yes, we are indeed planning to deprecate the legacy API, and actually have been for a long time. See this old post and this even older one

As you can see from those posts and the current situation, we have done an embarrassingly poor job at following up with the timeframes we had announced, in no small part because we know some authors, like yourself, are still depending on it and we’d rather minimize the impact. So I’d rather not give a new timeline. But the recent rate-limiting is, at last, a concrete move in that direction. The next one should be to completely shut down the legacy API.

The takeaway is the same as before: don’t use the legacy API for anything new, and if you’re still using it, switch to the supported one sooner rather than later.


This is really a poor choice the old api was the best api envato has ever had. The new token system crashes a lot and many sites start showing server 500 error even with Envato’s own updater plugin. We migrated to the new API last year but due to its instability came back to old API . I got multiple emails from Envato on this as the new API reached its limit when we migrated and there was no solution. We had to recommend our users to disable the Envato updater plugin.

I seriously ask envato to reconsider deprecating the old API.
At least give us couple of months more to implement the change .

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