Envato Legacy API - Shutting down soon

A few years ago, Envato announced we would be shutting down our legacy API in favour of our modern API. Benefits of this newer API include a better authentication process for end users, better security for everyone, and less time spent maintaining the legacy API.

We have left this API up to allow time for Authors to migrate their items to the modern API, and over the last few months we’ve gradually decreased the request rate limit to that API. We’re now ready to shut it down completely.

What does this mean for Authors?

Affected authors have received direct email communications from us containing the below information already. If your items have used the legacy API code in the past, we now require all references to be removed from code in your items – specifically, references to marketplace.envato.com/api (the legacy API base endpoint) and api_keys/edit (the legacy API key page). You can find all the information on the modern API at https://build.envato.com/.

We will finally retire the legacy API at 10:00am on Monday, 2 March 2020 (Australia/Melbourne time). At this time, all requests to the legacy marketplace.envato.com/api API endpoint will begin to fail with an HTTP 403 error. Items not updated by this date, and any functionality that depends on the legacy API, will stop working. This may result in a large number of support requests from your end users.

What does this mean for Customers?

There is no action for customers to take. As mentioned above, authors selling items using the legacy API have been notified directly and have approximately three months to update those items to use the modern API. If you have an item that suddenly stops working after the retirement date, please first contact the author for support.


All right.

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Hi folks, just an update on this topic: the shutdown happened as scheduled yesterday (2 March 2020). All legacy API requests are now failing with an HTTP 403 error.

If you’re an author who is still attempting to access the legacy API, you’ll now need to change your code to use the modern API.

If you’ve bought an item which is now trying to access the legacy API and failing, please contact the item’s author for support.

Thanks for your patience!