Price change for my track


For some reason the price for my track has decreased from $19 to $15 even though it is over 2 minutes in length, and I noticed that the time length information had been changed from 2:03 to 1:58. How would I go about contacting Envato about this problem?

here is the track of which I’m speaking about:

Very odd and a little annoying if I’m to be honest…


Maybe you could add some new tags and ask the reviewer at the same time? I’ve had items priced 15$ before when the track was just over 2 minutes if the last seconds was only one note ringing out.


Good idea, for now I have changed the time length details back and submitted a ticket so hopefully the original price can be restored, thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


Maybe it’s because the track ends at about 1:58 and from there you have only the tail.


As if our tracks aren’t already at rock bottom prices… This has happened to me quite a few times. :frowning:


The track that the buyer purchases ends at 2:03, which finishes with the bass and guitar tail. So where do you draw the line at when the track “officially ends” and when I actually ended it? surely that should be down to the authors choice, as long as you don’t include silence in that time frame… we will see what the response is to the ticket as I’m sure it will be easily sorted.


A bit off topic: I have often wondered if a 15$ item would potentially sell more than a 19$ item? For most customer, I imagine, it wouldn’t matter if the track was 1:58 or 2:03. I would think that the buyers often has a few alternatives for their projects and if one is 19 and the other is 15$, which do they choose?

Sorry for the OT, hope you get this sorted :slight_smile:


I’ve wondered this myself which is why I like throwing in a few shorter tracks, but I havn’t noticed much difference in sales between the prices. My portfolio is relatively small though so it’s a hard one to judge! I guess it depends on the style of music and who it caters to, corporate tracks would probably sell just as easily at $19 because the difference in price would be small for most business’. But tracks designed for smaller industries and independent media artists might sell better at a lower cost.


Yes, I have some items priced at 15$ for the same reason. And I always regret it when they sell… :slight_smile:


haha I know what you mean!