Make Existing Song Longer to pass 19$ thrashold

Can we do that? I’m asking because I see on top sellers that couple of items are selling well and they are shorter than 2min and hence 15$ instead of 19$. And that’s a huge waste of money I think. What if author added some more time (easily done, we all know how to do it :slight_smile: ) .Would the item price be updated to reflect new length of the item?

Not an answer to your question, but maybe one of the reasons those tracks are selling well is the fact that they are only 15$? I know many authors (myself included) keeps some tracks under 2 min to have some cheaper tracks in the portfolio.(As if 19$ isnt cheap enough…:weary:)

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Well it works both ways, I will update my question with: can we also make a track shorter and update it:)

Oh you are gooood :slight_smile:

I really doubt that $15 track sell more than $19. And as you said, $19 is cheap enough.

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I’ve just done this for one of my $15 tunes and made it up to 2:30min. I emailed the help people asking for it to be reviewed so I guess it’s just in the hands of the quality team now.

I had a 2:03 track reviewed on one of my other accounts and it was approved but priced at $15.

I went back in and did a quick 4 bar edit and used auto update and emailed support for repricing which they kindly did.

Yes the team will change the price accordingly, no worries.

Hi @BeProAudio Can you please tell me how did you use a auto update function? I can’t see anything else except standard “Submit Files For Review” button… Thanks!:grinning:

The account it was uploaded to has auto update status but you still have to contact support for a price change.

Thanks @BeProAudio! Some accounts have this feature some don’t, right? I just wanted to edit the title. Thanks and sorry for bothering you. :relaxed:

Not bothering me at all! :slight_smile:

Glad to help!

Cool, thanks! So I guess I’m too new to be able to use this Auto Update…It’s not available for me…
Best Regards @BeProAudio! :grinning:

Yes it would. But sometimes reviewers forgot to change price. Last time Ive asked to change price.