Concern about New Pricing System

Just uploaded a new track and noticed the implementation of the new Author-chosen prices. While I think this is a great thing, I am seriously concerned with the very low minimum price of $1 plus the fee. I would implore Envato to set the minimum price to the current price and then authors have the choice of charging more but not less.


This is getting ridicilous.
5 dollars a track?

How can you compete with those numbers?

Don’t worry - I was concerned as you when this feature came to graphicriver - I was thinking I will see 2 - 4$ work all over the place. This never happen - prices are normal, authors are not idiots or slaves to make works for few dolars, everyone want to earn. ;]


Yes but, i see lots of tracks which are 5 dollars already.

I think that the only categories that will be possibly be affected will be corporate and cinematic as they are populated by low quality tracks and authors in these genres with top quality tracks should hold their current pricing as buyers are really not that stupid. Sure - some authors may reduce their prices for mediocre tracks to sell but I for one will not be reducing in the near future…I shall wait and see.

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I am not in music industry so I can’t judge here.

Graphic design need time to be make good - this is solid rule in design world - if you want spend one hour and make great flyer it is impossible and your item will be rejected. That’s why on GR there is no comedy with prices.

Maybe making a nice music track is easier? Maybe some people can really make nice music without spending days on this…

Your market is different from my market that’s why I understand your concerns… this will be interesting to watch.

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In my opinion “to give an option to lower the price of a track to 5 dollars” is not a good idea anyway.

So wait, is this a permanent change? I totally missed this thing. Cool thing, now it might be actually worth my time to upload some non-exclusive music here. :slight_smile:

I have my non-exclusive portfolio spread on other sites that let you price your tracks yourself and I’ve noticed that pricing my tracks mid/high compared to others hasn’t decreased my sales. I’ve never felt that pricing a track 5$ will boost your sales. If the customer likes the track, it doesn’t usually matter if the price tag is 5$ or 50$.


dumping price is started

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This was bound to happen of course… But I am shocked to see some of the names of authors partaking in this dumping! If even these esteemed contributors go for this race to the bottom, then this is much, much worse than I thought. Such a shame.


I think some authors dumping their prices to promote another items. Except authors who dumped all their items to $5, they will just happy if they can get $50 on the end of the month :rofl:


Let’s see guys I think that’s normal, everyone is going a bit crazy today because it’s the first day. :sweat_smile:

Personally I won’t change my price for the moment I want to see what happened and I absolutly don’t want to devalue my work.

Audiojungle has already set up the price automatically from 19$ to 20$ and I’ve just sold one.

So keep calm and let’s see :sunglasses::cup_with_straw:


So basically this really happening on Audiojungle… I feel sorry for you, this is 150 - 200% lower prices.

I see a 2.5 minute track with 2,600 sales, and a price of $ 9

I want the function to change the price of all music, all music pack
all logo, all logo pack collectively.

I think buyers don’t understand what is happening :rofl::joy:

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The only thing i didn’t like is the number of licenses. I thought Envato gonna decrease their number to two or maximum three types of licenses. But it’s fun to play with prices :slight_smile:

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That’s called marketing, the author hoped that the price will take buyers to his portfolio and buy another one next time. I don’t think that the author dumped all of his items to $9 :rofl:

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The thing is, the sheer number of authors doing this “marketing” bit, makes it so that there is now a large pool of dirt cheap tracks available to buyers. This will have a global effect on the perceived value of music on Audiojungle as a whole.

If things continue like this I think it’s definitely not a good deal for Envato… so let’s see. By the way “Popular Items” page are not dumping for the moment.