Why are my tracks more expensive now?

My tracks seem to have all increased in cost by $1. For example I had a track that was $15 and as an exclusive author I earn $7.5 of that. But now that same track is $16 but I still get $7.5 earnings for it…? So yet another dollar that goes to Envato as if their fee wasn’t insanely high already.

Envato introduced Author Driven Pricing on AJ Author-Driven Pricing Coming to AudioJungle


Yes I saw that but they didn’t mention it meant my tracks would go up in price, I thought it just meant we could choose our own prices. Surely if I can choose my own prices I can keep them the same as before?

You can, you just need to change them all now as Envato tacked on another buck all at once :slight_smile:

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Did you read my original comment?

Yes. And I was responding to this line.

You can choose your own prices and you can keep them the same as before. You just need to change them back lol.

I can’t change them back. They’re the same as they were except the customer is charged an extra dollar and that dollar goes to envato. I get the same commission as before except my tracks are more difficult to sell and the extra cost goes to envato.

Not sure I follow. A track was $19, now it’s $20 right? You can change it back to $19… not sure how the split falls out (that’s Envato’s decision nothing can be done really). But you can definitely price your tracks as they were before the ADP came into place?

You need to look into it more. So many don’t seem to know how the new pricing works. Before, the Envato fee used to be different to what it is now, it’s now fixed. You can’t change it back to how it was before.

You need to look into more. ADP means you can now set whichever price you see fit. With the fixed buyers fee as minimum.

He can switch it back to 15 but will earn 64 cents less. Well…no t a big deal, but all he can do now is leave it at 16 in order to get 7.65.

Not arguing that… the split is different, no question about it. I thought you were concerned you couldn’t price your tracks as they were before, which you absolutely can.

It’s just another stupid way to take even more money for envato, all wrapped up in a disguise of freedom for us to choose our own prices. All we’re free to do is give more commission to envato for each track sold.

No big deal unless you times it by a billion tracks sold here at envato I guess. At lower prices the difference is even bigger.

i said the exact same thing in one of the discussion threads on it :slight_smile: totally feel where you’re coming from.

Also it will be slightly less likely to sell at a higher price. Plus the extra dollar just goes to envato…? It’s just lose lose for us and win win for envato.

OK I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s noticed this. Am I right in my calculations that if we set our tracks to all their old prices we will in fact get less commission than before?

That is correct indeed.

Although, getting your track back to $19 won’t make you competitive anyway, as many have set their price as low as $5. So I don’t think that would be a paying strategy.

Yes, the lower item price is. the less you get (in comparison to pre-adp times). Well, at least there is no differrence when it comes to 20$ tracks. You can lower them to 19 and earn identical amount as it used to be (9.5). As for 16$ items…well, dont think it may harm your sales that much. And it is not the first time Envato raises prices by 1$…as far as i remember it was 14 and 18 few years ago…didn’t affect sales at all. But yes, i do understand your worry

If you price it at $19 it won’t earn as much as you used to in commission. You’ll earn less setting your tracks at any of the old prices as discussed above. The lower the price, the worse the commission you get works out to be.

Also I think you’re missing my point about raising the price by a dollar. The one dollar is added on and none of it goes to us. You can’t tell if it affects sales anyway because you’ve no idea what you WOULD have sold if the price hadn’t gone up…? In any case the added dollar 100% goes to envato.

Well Envato must be dancing all day to see that. They get pretty much all of that $5 in commission. This new change is just win win win win win for envato and lose lose lose lose lose lose for us.

$20 didn’t use to exist so hard to compare…$20 seems to be the same as the old $19 was.