My tracks are not for the right price.

Please help sort it out. My tracks are for sale at a reduced price. Example. I put a price on my track 20. And when it was sold it was written that the track was sold for 16. I can’t understand, maybe I’m participating in some sort of sale sale. But this happens with every sale of mine. If my track costs $ 25 then it’s sold for 20. how can this be?

You are mistaken. If you put your tracks at $20 then they’ll be sold at $20 (plus tax when applicable). Those $20 include the $4 buyers fee. So there’s $16 left, out of which you pay the author fee and US taxes when applicable.

Do these 4 dollars pay at all prices? Even if the price is 5? will you get 1 dollar?

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No, you will get around 0,5 dollars


Yes, it’s a fixed fee. $4 for tracks.

No, because you have to pay the author fee on that $1. The author fee is a percentage that varies depending on your earnings.

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Why, now, especially the authors put such prices. 5 dollars? I do not understand.

Now then, that really is a mystery.

Yet, it’s the same logic as wanting to join Elements.

Yes, I have applied to Elements and given my own personal circumstances it makes logical sense to me.

Tell me what the element means? i m a new in your sandbox. )))

Elements is the “new” subscription model from Envato, the issue is that customers on regular market can leave Audio Jungle for this place which offer interesting deal to them. The issue is that Envato does’t want to separate these 2 market, and put too much advertisement about it on Audio Jungle.

This could explain some bad result about sales since few months, and also some frustration on the forum because only a few number of author can be part of it etc.

But don’t think about that right now, the most important is to focus on your music, see how it performs, and about price, put high price, really high, because the market is too quiet, high price is the only way to compensate this low and slow result. You can set some discount to attract some customer, I did it, but honestly it’s don’t work great for earning. You will have sales for sure by doing this, but no money soooooo.

And the last advice is don’t stay focus only on AJ

You said a dollar and 83 cents? And what can you get for that?..

Well, this scene explains it all!

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That is, to stay in exclusive makes no sense?

The site takes a Commission for itself.