Attention ! Important information!

Here answer my question: what is happening? Why are you doing this?
Authors, why are you ruining the market with your low prices?
Envato why do not you respond to arrogant and sharp dumping?
I have no desire to write quality music because it is not for sale! In which category do not go everywhere five dollar tracks !!! With such rates, the stock, which enabled thousands of authors to realize their creative ambitions, will turn into a dump of cheap music? What is happening? Explain to me, maybe I do not understand!


ENVATO please take control of pricing!


I have the same feeling, I come back after the break to publish songs here and this is what I saw first



I understand that we are all here for the money! But who benefits from selling at 5? Envato Are you comfortable with earning $ 5?


If you look deeper, most of those tracks are $5 only for the small license. All extended licenses are regular pricing or even more expensive than regular. I wonder if their strategy is to draw traffic to the track in order to sell more extended licenses.


Those kind of actions are not only a “community” killers, but market killers!
And when you add the Elements banners and the thousands of copy cat template songs, then you have this terrible result for us honest authors - BAD SALES!


Yeah, the Audiojungle market is in complete disarray and Envato seems to be ignoring most of these troubling issues. Track names are a mess, price dumping is getting ridiculous, and the Elements banner is still an insult to all AJ authors.

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Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I understand 100% the frustration that generates the price dumping.

I did it sometimes, let me explain my reasons for bringing a more moderate point of view.

Firstly, Audio Jungle constantly rejects my work while it is constantly improving or at least I’m trying to do some honest work and I’m investing a lot to get there, but there’s no positive feedback from everything. that in this market, and moreover, as my approval ratio is low, I can not gain visibility.

Some say it’s 100% of my fault, that my music is bad, or not commercial enough, but my music is accepted everywhere except here.

Second, I see old authors, or some elites with huge catalogs selling for $ 5 too,

how can I be able to distinguish myself from those people who attract a large part of the traffic? (I’m not saying it’s not deserved, it’s 100% deserved, they are great author and they work hard for being elite etc )

Then, how can I make sales at a regular or higher price while Elements offers unlimited download music for only 16 dollars?

What I want to express here is that it is not necessarily the composers who are guilty, moreover I do not recognize myself in this idea that I do dishonest work and not integrity, it’s wrong, I work very hard (like everyone else) maybe even harder to finally have the privilege of being able to be part of this site without fearing a constant rejection with each submission.

The real guilty are elsewhere, there is no regulation on prices, there is a greater visibility with the lowest prices, a little bit of narrow minded review process, dumb title name which is actually generate more views, template tracks etc

Element change the global market, and bring a new change for Stock music market , and obviously we are in a transition period, this is why most of our earning are impacted,

So sometime I’m just trying to adapt to a background trend here on AJ to bring some traffic trying to wake up my portfolio next to new approval , and sales,
I’m waiting for serious customers and I find them in some market, not here,

IN 1 week I made 8 sales at 5, while I need months to succeed in making a sale at a reasonable price ( 29)

Moreover Audio Jungle is only based on the number of total sales, not on the earnings …

That’s my reality, so I try to make some compromise, but in my case selling at 5 bring me more traffic to my work,
Yes it’s sad, yes It’s sound like a desperate move, and Obviously it is,

I’m really tired for being rejected , so yes sometime I make some price dumping, waiting for better result, better ratio for next approval or whatever,

And yes Stock music is here to pay my rent and my bill,

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What’s the point of traffic if you make 1 out of 5? I have tracks on 39 and they are sold! Roughly speaking one my sale equals with your 20 sales! We are here to earn, not to collect traffic! Think about it ! You need to improve the quality of ideas or material that would also sell at 39! It's much better than 5! It's just that if everyone puts a 5 price tag now, what happens then?


I understand you, and I agree with you. We came to earn money and not to drive traffic.


I’m 100% agree with you guys, I just wanted to explain my thought about it. Price dimping could be consider as a short term strategy too. Aj allow the competition with sales rank…) And Obivously despite earning, it works. It works for all the reason I explained.


Totally with you guys - I have raised my prices once again, I am now at $47.
The problem is that yes, I don’t have traffic at all… so I don’t know how to get more visibility, but
earnings wise, this is not too bad, even with a low number of sales.

Now, I also always refused to go under a certain price, as I know my music is worth more than that.
But I totally understand the temptation… to be ranked high in the stats…

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Traffic means exposure, exposure means more extended licenses. I will be honest with you all, I did run a pilot test with one of my tracks, lowering the basic license price but raising the extended license prices. It is trending now, and it is indeed drawing extended licenses. The other tracks on my portfolio are also selling abnormally well since I did that, those are normally priced. And we’re not talking about a track I particularly feel proud about.

Other markets allow you to make one or two tracks free to draw traffic. This could be the way we do that on AJ. Is just well thought marketing.

The market soured when there were:
  1. Teachers” on YouTube who make videos with catchy titles “how to write a corporate track in 15 minutes” :grinning:
  2. Free price, when was it possible to set the price 5$
    Not all authors raise this question, and this means that everyone is happy with this situation and no one is willing to change anything, so Envato not reagiruet. Envato and any company does everything to make a profit. Create a petition maybe Envato will react and something will change. Perhaps in a good way…

Most of your prices are abnormally low, especially your 1M Broadcast and Mass Reproduction licenses; only your 10M and Broadcast/Film prices are closer to the norm. That might make economic sense for residents of certain post-Communist and other developing countries, but not for those living elsewhere.

Funny thing – at some point, all those teachers start their own online courses, classes or write ebooks clearly showing that selling the dream is vastly more lucrative than actually doing it :wink:


I do live as south as south goes, and say even 300 USD a month is a living wage here. You do price your small licenses at 50 bucks, which I have never done.

Whatever a monthly wage is in your country, it makes no sense to sell yourself so short on the bigger licenses. Those licenses are aimed at big companies with big bucks, they are used to pay thousands and often much more for international broadcasts. They are not looking to cut a few hundred bucks on music.

Slashing your price for the Standard license, while I think is a disastrous strategy for us all, may make some sense (if you don’t think too hard about it), as you take cheap as your appeal. But for the higher licenses, it serves no purpose whatsoever.


Price reduction is wrong in principle! It destroys the market! Never before has dumping brought anything good! We educate our customers! If they get used to buying music for 5 dollars then I will never buy it more expensive! Sellers of cars or other goods do not sell their products cheaply, why then should music cost 5?

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Authors with template tracks on multiple exclusive accounts are even getting featured.

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