Item price increase?



Hey guys, I’ve noticed today that my item prices have increased. For e.g. $12 items are now $14, $15 are $16, and $19 are $20.

Don’t get me wrong I’m thrilled, but does anyone know what prompted the change?


There’s some news!


Ahh right, thanks for that mate!


Hello @JASMusicUK

you can go to item link and click edit and change price

You can change any price in your mind and set discount also

Thanks :slight_smile:


Yeah thats so awesome!

At the same time I feel a bit skeptical about it… being that I feel I don’t want to outprice myself to point where I’m getting less sales. What is your thought on this?


Mate there are actually topics about it :slight_smile:



Price is not much important when client like your work quality, support etc.

They not look at price difference.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Yeah I suppose! That makes sense :slight_smile: