Why are my tracks more expensive now?

Yes, and this why going lower is not a good strategy as you’ll never be able to out-compete desperate souls willing to go as low as possible. You’ll just end up earning less.

On the other hand if you go higher, you get a better commission and Envato’s cut decreases. Up is the way to go. Up is the only direction that makes sense.

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20$ - you get 10.2 (more than before)
19$ - you get 9.5 which is very close to 9.65 pre ADP.

But yes, setting prices back to standart will reduce income in a long run.You’re right. Unless buyers adapt to new higher prices. I have nothing to lose so i rised all prices a bit instead.

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Envato take 37.5% so they will still earn more even if you increase the prices. We’ll do better because your price will counteract the fixed $4 envato fee but Envato still take a percentage. But you’re much less likely to sell at prices over $20 since you’ll be going up against all the $5 a track idiots. There’s no price you can set it to that Envato won’t benefit from more than with how it was before. Any tracks set to any of the old prices, they will earn more, with higher prices they will still get more since they’re taking a cut of a bigger price.

So only with a price higher than we ever had before do you slightly benefit compared with the old system. In reality the best selling tracks are shorter ones that were $9 to $12. With those you’re worse off than before. Which is pretty crazy since they were already taking 50% commission even with the old system.

I sold a track at $39 which put $23 in my pocket. That’s a better share for me than what it used to be. It would have been even better if my price was higher.

@HasenMusic, your music is worth much much more than $20! You shouldn’t worry about trying to compete with the bargain basement. You shouldn’t try to cater for cheap buyers. Target real agencies with real budget. Do so by setting prices that reflect the true worth of your art.


People sell loads of tracks at $9. It’s much harder to sell at higher prices which is why you said ‘a track’. It was great work for you to do that but still.

Well yes, use other sites other than envato and get better prices is a good plan. All I’m saying is here it’s getting more and more of a rip off. I can’t believe they would make their commission even higher. And to try and disguise it as giving us freedom to choose our own prices was particularly low.

Well, i guess all we can do is to accept the new pricing from Envato… As i’ve mentioned before, it is not the first time they’re doing it. And luckily it is not a major increase so probably won’t affect your sales a lot… At least you have some control over the prices now.

Also, dont forget that author fee decreases when you achieve a certain amount of income. It changes from 37.5% to 36.25% pretty soon (author level 3?) and becomes even less over the time.

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All you can do is accept? Yes that’s the modern day slave mentality. I guess that’s why they keep doing it 'cos it’s so easy and we just accept it without even a quibble. Last thing was the USA withholding tax thing, now this. I wonder what they’ll do next year to get even more from us. I don’t think they’ve ever introduced anything that actually lowered their fees.

It doesn’t get less over time, it gets less the more you earn for them at the higher rate. It’s also not their rate anyway since the envato fee never changes. It’s that that affects the prices under $19 the most.

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this exactly.
I think that if we think our music is worth it, then let use specify the price we think is the fair price, regardless of the “competition”. Totally agree with you @PurpleFogSound.


Yes of course, the answer is moving away from AJ where it’s all bargain basement and Envato themself continue to try and get more and more money out of us.

If you are willing to move away from AJ anyway, I don’t get why you’re not even considering raising your price and see what happens.

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You might want to do some research before claiming all sort of things out of thin air. The 9$ and 12$ dollar tracks are (and always were) far from the best sellers at AudioJungle. You seem to have a preconceived negative idea of what this market is about, so it colors your perception a bit.

About AudioJungle being a “bargain basement”, look at what is going on since a few days: way more authors who raise their prices than people who cuts them. The 5$ dollar tracks bin grows VERY slowly (only 464 tracks now), but you can find more and more authors with complete portfolios updated to interesting prices like 22$, 25$, 29$, 33$, 49$… and the list goes on. This place is changing fast!


Well, if you look at two steps forward, even if each author puts a price of $ 5 on 1 track, it will already be 18,316 tracks. The question is which genre of music will fall in price?! :sweat_smile:

Template. :smile:

  1. The tracks were always priced at $19 or less for a few minutes of music, that’s always gonna come under the classification of bargain basement. 2. Do you have any evidence for this? I noticed the opposite personally.

That’s contrary to what was said above by others about everyone changing their prices to $5. How are you viewing this data?

People are probably increasing their prices because they noticed that under any of the old prices Envato now takes a bigger cut out of their commission. Like I was saying above.

So far only one person in this thread has understood what I’ve been saying.

What I wrote earlier was a factual response to some of your misinformed claims, but if you want to check for yourself, easy:

  • Click on the «music» tab, scroll until you see the price box and then enter a value of your choice, ex: 5$ to 5$ or any other prices. You will instantly have the number of files relating to your query.

  • You can search further by selecting the «best sellers» filter (all time, last year, last month and so on).

  • Doing so, you will see that the 9$ (now 10$) files are (and always were) selling less units than the old 19$ (now 20$) standard ones, generally speaking.

At the present time, there are 463 music tracks priced at 5$ (one less than earlier today)… in a library containing 431 099 tracks. :wink:

In the meantime, hundreds of authors are raising their prices to different price points. Of course, some will also try other varied strategies and drop their prices, but for now, there is a clear trend toward higher prices.


I wouldn’t call it modern day slave mentality. More of a reality, perhaps? One either accept the rules, or not. There are many stock sites that may suit you, if you think that envato are too greedy. I personally dont give a flying duck on how much they earn (they do earn alot for sure), all i care is how much i do and i am fine with that (funny money, but i like the process, badges, community, overal design here). So for you the glass is half empty, for me half full…If i was that pessimistic and unsatisfied with the service, i would look elsewhere straight away! Like i did with my bank (didnt like exchange rates there and other small things), or skrill, for example. Unlike slaves, we do have a choice


Actually that was what other people stated in this thread, they were not my own claims. I did what you said and it shows 393321 tracks at $19 or less so all those tracks will have to pay envato more commission than before.

We can’t see which tracks are actually being sold though either.

That IS a slave mentality. Slaves just accept their ‘reality’ as you put it because they think they can’t do anything about it or at least they are still alive etc. I think humans are built to be slaves and unless all unite with a common thinking there is nothing they can do. Obviously if we all thought it was terrible we could all complain on the forums or refuse to use the site and move elsewhere and this ‘reality’ as you put it would change. But just in the same way that slaves accepted their fate, so do we.

To be honest I think many slaves were happy in some way in their lives too. Unfortunately we can’t look elsewhere unless everyone does.