Just found out how pricing works...

So I just found out that pricing was based on track length…

For the longest time I had been submitting track under 2:00, and having them priced below $19. Here I was thinking that AJ was assessing those tracks as lower quality than my shorter ones, even though I was quite fond of many of them! Needless to say, I was a little offended!

Then I learned that it’s based on length. Now I feel silly. :slight_smile:


Each product has its own customer. Tracks for $ 15, more preferable for people who want to save their money.

$19 for a royalty free piece of music is too much for some people???

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I think $19 vs $15 means absolutely NOTHING to 99% of buyers. Just check the best-sellers… Quite frankly, price based on length is a pretty flawed way of determining the value of a track.

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How else can you determine the value of a track?

I didn’t know about pricing when i started and some of my best selling tracks are like 1:50 to 1:58 so 15$ it is … better than nothing :joy: In my case that 4$ really made the difference.

Can’t you tag on a few seconds at the end? Add a couple of bars or chrochets or whatever the technical term is?


Absolutely. It’s not so much of an issues now that I actually know how it works. Just had to figure it out. :slight_smile:

It’s pretty tight that AJ thought $19 was too much for a piece of music and they should charge even less for shorter edits!

By # of downloads, by complexity, by age… etc. Preferrably not at all with the same price for all or individual author pricing.

How can you possibly know that? More likely you’ve lost $2 x amount of downloads…

who and how will estimate complexity?

everything is fine , you’re just a well done !!!