Porto template, how to remove the top row?

I purchased the Porto template but cannot find where to adapt several functions. Can you please help me? The first one is the top row which reads:

about us > contact us > tel (123) 456 789 and then search and a lock symbol.

I want to completely get rid of this.

Then, next to the main menu there are social media icons. I want to completely get rid of these too.

In the footer there are 4 colums. I want to get rid of the second and the fourth one. The first one should be broader.

Just above the footer is a small blue square with the text “Get in touch”. I want to get rid of this too.

I have been searching a lot and cannot find how to do any of this. Please help me!

(I tried contacting the author but got no reply. I have no idea if I did something wrong or if the contact form doesn’t even work. The Envato help team keeps referring to this contact form instead of helping me solve these issues/contacting the author.)


Contact with your purchase item author @p-themes
hope they will helped!


I tried several times but got no reply. No automatic message that my message was sent (through the form on the envato website) either. Waiting for several weeks. It is very frustrating because I do not know what i do wrong.

Did you try to make comments at item comment section ?

I have no idea how or where to do this.

I just want to have a basic website up asap.

The easiest would be if I could send the author a few screenshots. But i don’t see how to do this either.

I feel that the author could help me in a few seconds if only I could reach him. It is very frustrating because I have a seasonal business in tourism and lose the season without a website.

This is the Porto HTML template, right? And not the WordPress/Magento versions?

If yes, then here is the item’s page: Porto - Multipurpose Website Template by Okler | ThemeForest

You’ll see some tabs at the top (item details, reviews, comments, support) for accessing different sections of the item. This is a pretty big and on-point author, so if you haven’t gotten a response, I suspect you contacted them the wrong way. :sweat_smile:

Their support tab sends you to their official support forum where you can register and open a ticket/thread: Forums – Okler Themes

You can always add a comment from the comments tab (you’ll need to scroll all the way down on that page to post one) but for something like this they’ll probably just direct you to their forums anyway.


Thank you, I will try this.

Unable to register: the Okler forum says that my purchase code is invalid (I copied the purchase code from the license certificate, so it can hardly be wrong).

They really make it very complicated to solve a few basic issues on the template.

I can see you have posted a comment in the HTML version of Porto template page and there you don’t have any PURCHASED badge in your comment. So, it mean you didn’t purchased the HTML version of Porto.

Please double check you purchased:

Porto | Multipurpose & WooCommerce Theme


Porto | Ultimate Responsive Magento Theme

Please go to your Downloads page and from there click on the item you purchased. It will take you the item page from there you can use Comments or Support page option to contact the Author.


If it’s the WP version then the top navigation is a menu Menu Setup - Porto Documentation and the social and all the cart and social icons are part of the header builder options Header Builder Elements - Porto Documentation

Porto | Multipurpose & WooCommerce Theme

nope, it is apparently a line above the header
This is why it is by far the easiest if I can send the author a screenshot to explain what I mean.

You can post a comment here:

Or use the support page:

The theme author support team will assist you.

Yes, I finally found it. What I believed was the contact form, was apparently not it and did not work. I now managed to send a message to the author support team and wait for their reply.

The Envato page is a maze to me. Difficult to find anything and leading me to wrong paths.

Hello BR,

To remove the top row with “about us > contact us > tel (123) 456 789 and then search and a lock symbol”, you can try the following steps:

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to Appearance > Customize > Header.
  3. Look for the “Header Top Bar” section and disable it.

I do not see a “Header top bar”. See screenshot “header”. Please tell me where I go wrong.

To remove the social media icons next to the main menu, you can try the following steps:

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to Appearance > Customize > Header.
  3. Look for the “Header Social” section and disable it

I do not see a “header social”, see screenshot “header”. Please tell me where I go wrong.

To remove the second and fourth columns in the footer and make the first column broader, you can try the following steps:

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to Appearance > Customize > Footer.
  3. Look for the “Footer Columns” section and change the column layout to “3 columns”.
  4. Look for the “Footer Column 2” and “Footer Column 4” sections and disable them.

I do not see where to customize the footer. Please tell me where I go wrong. See screenshot “customize”. After this, the next step does not seem to be as you describe.

I hope that you can help me, several people looked at it already and nobody can find out what I should do.

Thank you,


This is all covered in the documentation we linked earlier.

The header and footer editor will be under theme options. Without seeing your admin it’s impossible to advise exactly the link to click on but it will be bear the top of the left hand column above pages etc.

Try this Porto Header Builder - YouTube

Same place to edit the footer

I am sorry, but I do not understand what you are trying to tell me.

Is the attached screenshot what you need?

I just need a very basic website up and running. I think this template is much too complex for my needs and fear having to start from scratch.


2023-05-16 09:53, je charlie4282 via Envato Forums napisal

Presumably under ‘porto new’ on the left is theme options as per in the video above - all of the header and footer layouts will be controlled from there.

If it is not there then look under appearance > theme options (if that is there)

Will look something like