customizing header

i have installed shop-4 template in WP, I have two immediate issues:
1- i have uploaded the logo during installation process but its not appearing on the home page .
2- how do I modify the header picture ? if i goto header menu i dont see any related info there.

please check theme documentation. I think you can get:

  1. in theme options you will get how to set your logo
  2. check theme options for setting header otherwise check Appearance => Customize then Header

thanks for prompt reply ,
as you see from screenshot , i have set the logo and the site title and tagline and its published but i still dont see either the logo or tag line or title on the home page, instead i see “Porto Ecommerce”

Please check documentation you will get all help there. As like in this link you will get all of your help regarding logo and header:

Aso please check the video in the above page you will find how to setting.

i am watching the video , its not using wordpress but some other gui tool called “porto live option” ?
from wordpress customize site option its not giving me any option to change logo if i hover my mouse on it , nor is it giving me any option to change main page.
please guide me from start , which tool i need to customize this theme?

i dont get this porto theme option in "appearance " section . what am i missing ?

ahhhh i found this option in “advanced” tab , please update it in the documentation to save others from frustration .

ok I changed the logo as per video but now i wanted to modify the header imagine but the “live option panel” option is missing from the menu ?


In envato forum we can just guide you how to get support or solution but we are not able to give you full support. For getting item support you have to contact your purchased theme (porto theme) author here:


this is just the extension of the 6 months support that came with the purchase, its not saying that it will give me anything extra on what I have now?
i am stuck here with basic configuration , i need help in moving forward . can you please help in me in any instructions you have on modifying the header page picture ? and menu items to start with ?

As I have siad For getting item support you have to contact your purchased theme (porto theme) author. I am not your purchased theme author so theme functionality is not well know to me. I have given you theme documentation url, you can check there. But I would like to recommend please contact theme author. Thanks for understanding

how can i contact the theme author ? do i have to buy a new license as your url is asking me to contact him/her?

In the above support page link you will see a button ‘Go to item Support’, click on that button it will take you author support forum (their own support sytems).

Otherwise you can post comments here and let them know your query: