How can I customize the product page which can't simply set by woocommerce or theme option?

I would like to change the position of social icons and another information e.g. sku, categories, tags from my page

to this page

but I can’t find the way to do it (there are no simple settings both in theme option and woocommerce product setting).
How can I do it?
Please help

Almost certainly that would require custom amends or coding.

You should start by asking the author of the file otherwise you’d easily be able to find someone at

Thanks charlie.
If you could, please suggest me where to learn coding for wordpress. I have knowledge about coding the web.

It can be done with only the css but you need know how to coding. Tuts+ is sure the best solution to learn to coding with css

I have already known CSS. Could you please specify which course I need to learn to integrate wordpress with CSS?

CSS not need to be “integrated” with WordPress. There are not differences from HTML to WP when you do CSS customizations… Just load the CSS file into the website or edit an existing CSS file.