WoodMart Shop Page

Hi, I want to change the Shop Page style & customize single product page.

  1. How to make Sku/ModelNo appear at the Shop Page ? Because based on all WoodMart Shop Page style, there is no style that fulfill my requirement.

  2. Customize single product page, as per I know, Woodmart single product page automatically set by default. I would like to know if I can customize the single product page ? If yes, how to do it ?

Please advise me regarding this.

Thank you,

I’m really busy at the moment or I would explain or elaborate a bit more for you. but I did dig these resources out for you. follow these links they should help to lead you.

Alo anything is possible. there’s not one thing you can’t change or do differently anywhere on the entire CMS. All it takes is a bit of research and trail and error…

below are the resources, especially note the single product cheat sheet, this allows you to see where you can set hooks and code that will allow you to hook into and add remove or change the different things and functions that are being displayed there. on that part of the page. I hope this help you some. Have a good night.

This Hook Page Here- This Website is probably one of the best to research when changing and customizing Wordpress and Woocom.

– The Others –

Warm Regards,

Johnny G