Woocommerce Single Product Layout



I’m looking for assistance in changing the layout of my woocommerce single product page. The Single Product Page layout has the Image to the left, the title/summary centered, and the select/order to the right.

I would like to center the Product image and move the title/summary to the left. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Seems it will need custom css and change bit php in your product single page.

Please contact to me if you need custom it: outsource@designerresource.org.


You’re best off doing this with CSS and hooks - that way you’ll have no issues when updating in future.


You can copy the template file from WC plugin to your theme and then do the modification in your copied template in your theme folder. the template is in woocommerce > templates > content-single-product.php

To change the entire page you can also copy the single-product.php too.


Thanks for leading me in the right direction!


Is this something you can show me how to do, I’ve been researching and it is not something I’m familiar with.


best way would be to copy/paste single product templates from woocommerce/templates/single-product/add-to-cart folder to some folder of your theme.

then you will need some code into your functions.php file to override existing WC templates with the templates (inside your theme).

read this

and then modify them according to your need.


Sure - add me on Skype if you like - madebyplatform