Does anyone know if this is possible in WooCommerce?

So I have a client who’s currently using a custom CMS and I’m working on trying to replicate the item display and selections using WooCommerce. This is the site -

I’d like to see if something like this can be met on any level. Any suggestions?

You mean just like a list of products?

I doubt you will find a theme that looks like that there as it is nowhere near the standard for submission but the concept of using a list of products should be relatively easy to do

The list on one side and the display of the item on the right. I’m sure there’s nothing out there like this, so I’ll just have to let my client know it has to change to a regular format.

I’ll give it a few more hours and hope someone has a secret up their sleeve.

Ah ok I did not even see that there.

I haven’t seen this around here but I don’t think it would be impossible for someone with experience in WooCommerce.

I think this is going to be the closest is can get, especially for responsive design and mobile functionality.

Quite possibly without custom work done for it.

That looks much nice though and as I said I completely missed the product preview or quantity looking at their current page.

It should hopefully be a very easy sell to modernise and update it

You can contact with
I think they provide good support for you about woocommerce related problem.