looking for multiple customization product



Hi Fallks !
First time I post here ! Hope to get a little help ;-).
Here, my client is looking for a multiple choice product costumization : about organizers

To be clear, she want her costumer to :

  1. select a theme (that’s ok)
  2. tell how many pages they want
  3. choose for each page the model they want (my vision would be a selct and drop system ? but any other idea is welcome)
  4. validate
  5. purchase.

Do you guys have any idea of a plugin (Woo commerce I guess) that able that please ?

Thanks a lot for your help !


PS: the first I saw was : https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-custom-product-designer/10959830?s_rank=3
the second one : https://codecanyon.net/item/product-bundles-combo-packs-pro-for-woocommerce/18548684?s_rank=21
But I don’t know if it fits with the need …


Hi Claire ,

You need some kind of custom calculator. Where they can choose from list , enter some numbers and at the end they will see price and buy.
It is not to have some classic shopping cart.


To thing this fit for one client, this not available until you create it.



That is possible with a form system, with multiple steps.
It can be done really easy and simple.
Each step has the informations, it select go to the end of the orm and the process can execute.


Hi there !

Thanks for all your answers !

@KanonidisBasilis : What kind of form system do you thing about please ?
I think I got what you mean ;-). But how to combine it with a Woocommerce ?

Thanks again,



It can work with Gravvity Forms and you can combine WooCommerce easily - but on the other hand, you can also pass payments through Gravity Forms, they have multiple options


Wanderfull @KanonidisBasilis !

I’ll check so Gravityform to manage all that ! I use it only form simple forms … Didn’t guess we could do sucha things with it ! thanks !