Looking for a plugin - custom product

Hello !

I’m looking for a woocommerce plugin that would allow me to sell cusomizable salads.
Step 1 : choose a base, and one only, so that’s not hard to configurate.
Step 2 : choose 4 topings among 100+ options. There it begins to get tricky. I want my customer to be either limited to 4 checkboxes, or to get charged of 1.5€ if he adds more that 4, both solutions will fit me.
Step 3 : sauce
Step4 : dessert
Step5 : drinks.
As you see, 5 steps can be a little bit long, so I’m looking for a configuration with steps or tabs.
thank you for helping me not to buy something I don’t need and to find the good tool for me !

You will not find such plugin out of box. Only custom changed plugin,

You can use a multi step form or wizard form plugin. Here’s one:

You can search for a wizard form builder in google.