I am looking for a specific plugin ("multi-products configurator")

Hello guys,

I’m looking for a specific plugin. My team and I are working on a new shop. So we are looking for a good template, but it’s not my problem for the moment. What we’d like to do is to be able to create a page where you can chose different options leading to THE perfect product depending on your previous choices. Let me show you an example in French (sorry).

As you can see, the first two steps are linked to categories and attributes but it will affect products only at step 3. Before step 3, there are no products, just criterias to select to refine the selection. After step 3, we can select products (so, differents products, no only variations). In fact, it’s a sort of “bundle” plugin, but the first two steps are different. The idea is to select differents options step by step and ending on a product we can order easily.

How can we do that? Is there a plugin out there which could allow us to do a page like that?

Thank you very much !