I'm looking for a product theme - but not for selling the products, just displaying



Hi, I’m after a wordpress theme where I can have a large menu structure, and also have a sub menu listed down the left hand side of the page for the user to easily view the products that the company produce. This will be a brochure site - these products are not for purchasing. Please see this example : http://www.dorma.com/za/en/products/opening_closing/revolving_curved_sliding_doors/index-57579-59516.html
Any suggestions would be great :smile:


use any theme that support WooCommerce (theme you like, off course) and install YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin



I’m also looking for a catalog to display just products without integrating any e-commerce plugin? Can you please tell me what kind of plugin/theme did you use for displaying them as it seems quite what I’'m looking for eventhough the download pdfs in my case have to be available only for subscribed customers.

Looking forward for your kind reply.


Hi, I have ended up just using the theme that the client wanted and added my own sub menu to the left (not a real menu just as a list), and from there I used a tab function within the theme to add the products. It’s probably not the most time efficient, but it seems to work so far. See these two pages here: http://2dd.383.myftpupload.com/products/electric-window-controls/awnings/

and here: http://2dd.383.myftpupload.com/products/electric-window-controls/louvers/

This site is still a work in progress.
Not 100% sure if I would recommend this theme, it’s called Industrial. It uses Visual Composer, which I find a bit annoying. But you may like it. Its not as easy as some themes to work out the custom css. I still have to work on the left menu colours and hover. The support is good. They respond quickly.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply. Yeah actually this solution is not so good for my client… I’ll try sth else but it seems quite hard to find a theme with a simple product catalog and a login area.

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