I am looking for a Responsive, Non-Ecommerce Wordpress Theme for Showcasing Products

I am looking for a responsive, wordpress theme for a corporate to showcase their products, but without having an add to cart button, prices or shopping activated. We just want to have a business page with general info and then showcase all of our products and categories on the website for our clients to see them and read more info on them but not to be able to buy them. Thanks

Why not just use any number of themes and rather than create a shop just create a portfolio filled with your items and their info?

Thanks @charlie4282. I will do so. I was worried there would be constrains with the number of products/items :slight_smile:

As long as you find a decent theme which allows you to categorize your projects (in your case products) then it should be pretty straightforward. Commerce setups/plugins are going to slow a site down unnecessarily if you don’t plan to sell on it

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