Template is missing

Broken Themes

Thene Name: Make Clean

The following themes are installed but incomplete.

Name Description
makeclean Template is missing. Standalone themes need to have a index.php template file. Child themes need to have a Template header in the style.css stylesheet.

Can someone help me on this error.
thank you in advance

Assuming that you bought the WP version not the HTML copy then follow this link https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821510-Theme-is-missing-the-style-css-stylesheet-error

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HI Charlie4282
I dont know what I bought I bought it today on line, how do I know what I got, all I aw wa a download button the rest is what it is.

all I saw was a download button

HI Charlie4282

That doesn’t solve anything for me it takes to link which is not user frindle, I dont even know what it is telling me?

Make Clean: there are html template, wordpress theme and also joomla template. So, please make sure which one you have purchased. If you tell us which one you have purchased then we will be able to provide you more help. Thanks

Hi mgscoder

I hope this helps thanks in advance



Sorry to say this one is a html template and can’t be install in wordpress.


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So what happens now??

please contact the template author and request them to exchange it with wordpress theme. Mean tell them you will need wordpress theme but mistakenly purchased html. and also tell you will purchase wordpress theme if they will refund html template price. Contact theme author and let them know. Hope they will assist you. Thanks

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I have to date requested support, all I have recieved back in my email is aN image with the word SUPPORT on it, so when does envato get involved, I purchased the template through envato in good faith, all I get is “get in touch with Support”, not the sort of suppoort I was expecting, I would have thought this would have been resolved the same way I had purchased the wrong template.

Makes sense to me also would be good public relations.



you have done a mistake to purchase you want wordpress theme but purchased html template. So, you have to fix it with the item Author nice co-operation. And good news is that the html author has the same template wordpress version theme. So, I personally think item Auhtor will assist you to purchase their wordpress theme with refund html template. But really it is depends on Author how they will assist you. Please contact Author support link provided in my last reply.


I thank you for your reply I also appreciate the link attached, however I found the link very confusing, I was going around in circles, after a while I was fortunate to find a direct aproach https://themeforest.net/user/wpmines , once again thank you, for your help.


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How long does it take for these Authors to repond

15 hrs still nothing??

Depending on their timezone, 15 hours ago could be 5pm their time, and now could be 8am their time… plus they’re a large author with thousands of sales, so they probably have a few messages to get through before they can get to yours. Be patient, I’m sure they’ll get back to you as soon as they can.

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I didn’t know there would be another cost to MakeClean WordPress Template, cost for MakeClean $105 AU, But I really cant do jack with unless I fork out another $90 AU WPBakery Page Builder plug in are they kidding, I have purchased from wordpress before and all the plugins required for the Template came with it no hidden cost, so now I have a useless template not worth squat.

Thank you WPmines I dont think this will help your ratings much at all!

I think you’re a bit confused.

For clarification, you purchased an HTML template, which is a basic implementation of the design for web designers. WordPress themes are very different - they have actual programming code added on top of that HTML which makes them work in WordPress, and that is why they are much more expensive.

Now, regarding your plugin ordeal. The Make Clean theme includes WPBakery page builder for free (the description calls it “Visual Composer” which was the old name of that plugin, so it may be a bit dated, but it definitely is included for free):


So no, you are incorrect. You only need to purchase the $69 USD theme which includes the page builder, and then ask the author for a refund of the HTML template, which they have said is allowed in their comments:


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I purchased it this morning
|Make Clean - Cleaning Company WordPress Theme|
|Regular License|
|6 months support (expires on 29 Nov 2019)|
|Purchase code: (removed by mod)|

I get this message click on it and it takes me to the Plugin with $46 UA alongside it.

I left the message off

" Hola! Would you like to receive automatic updates and unlock premium support? Please activate your copy of WPBakery Page Builder."

Yeah, that is normal. Automatic updates and support directly from the plugin author is only for those who purchase the plugin directly.

In your case, it came bundled with your theme, so updates and support come from the theme’s author (@WPmines). It is safe and perfectly fine to ignore that prompt, activation is optional.

Here is some more info on this subject if you are interested: