Please why this design has rejected?

I have submit this design about 10 days ago, but this design has been reject, i want to know why this design has rejected? Now-a-days many simple item has approved but why this design has reject please explain, i think this item maintain graphicriver standard quality, please give some brief about it.

hi basically if u ask me u have a bit teh same problem as most of the guy who create this type of item have , so in this case my answer will be a bit looking like. Indeed, u have to identify taht many guys are producing this type of style in this category in the first place, it makes it hard for new items to be accepted in my view … there is a bit of a “deja vu” feling as regard to color combination, style, disposition and so on … But this item is rather clean all teh same … Indeed, u have things to improve in many ways all the same. First of all, your typo in a general way is sort of a bit flat, this has an impact of how people feel about your hierarchy of information which thus does not look completely satisfying. U need to find a way to introduce a bit of originality in the typo part, through combinations of fonts and by using some a bit more “researched” font styles, so that titles, at least are a bit more outstanding. After that, even if i understand where this is coming from, u have to analyze that u have texts flagged on the left, the right and the center when u are supposed to have a unified one as much as possible … the alignement looks then not really good enough yet.
I also tend to believe that having a text crossing a fold is far from being a good idea, even in the inside of the document
icons that u are using are kind of a bit flat and they probably expect u to have more “worked out” ones so that this is helping to make your item more outstanding
finally as for me but this is just a personal observation, i tend to believe that placing a text on a simple plain color backgrounds on almost all pages is kind of contributing to make your item flatter that it could be …
i hope it could help u , your base to work with is not bad, just try to fix this and resubmit and hopefully u can make it :slight_smile:

The design looks good, the problem is that the market is saturated with this kind of products. You need to find ways to make it stand out because, even tough you get it accepted, it would be hard to make sales. Personally, I can tell you that I stopped submitting them because a-they were rejected most of the time, and b-the ones that did make it, didn’t have many sales, so I rather put some time into making things that do sell and I can get creative with. But otherwise, good luck and keep trying :slight_smile:

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basically most of teh guys who have this type of items rejected face the same problems indeed