Please Verify My Envato; HELP

Hi, I’m Mr Vutter

I subscribed to Envato element using My Mastercard on Gotok, it was successful and I was charged $198. I did not even get the 7 days trial. I was searching for figma files to download but I didn’t get to download any, few minutes later I got a client error message asking me to reload my page which I did, then this message appeared

I reported this to customer care thanks to KingDog, long Hours later. they replied, telling me i was not charged which I was. I have a received and my card on Gotok was debited by Envato.

I used my card 3 times and I was charged the third time Please Help.
This is my invoice and other proofs, so you can verify
11280641.pdf (85.4 KB)

Please I seriously need urgent help. Thank you so much in advance @KingDog @mgscoder

Hi @mrvutter,

Account, billing related issue handled by Envato support team and only they are the right team to check it.

Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.

If you already opened Elements Support ticket then please keep patience and they will reply as quickly they can.


Thanks for the prompt response sir