Envato shows unable to login error - Envato elements


I recently subscribed to Envato. I paid the fee 33$ + taxes = 38$. However when I tried downloading something, it gave me an error saying unable to sign in, and now If I try to access the envato elements website page by any means, it shows me the same error. I have opened a request with support -
User =Adityapancholi123,
Ticket number is 2565720. I haven’t heard back from the team. Please resolve this issue for me as this is very urgent, I need access to some assets to complete a project.

Hi @adityapancholi123,

Elements support team will reply as quickly they can but for week end reply can be delay. Thanks for your patience.


This is the response I received.
What kind of nonsense is this??
Literally robbing people, I paid fair and square for the subscription and the next moment my account is disabled, now you say you have investigated and will not be providing access to me?? on what basis? what investigation was done??? Please reply to my request asap, this is not how problems are resolved, I work in Customer Success as well, what kind of joke is this??


i’m having the same issue, and can’t even buy subscription. i cannot access elements.envato.com. When i send my ticket, they said that we need to wait approx 5 days.

Has anyone figured out how to resolve that issue? I’m getting that same error message

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happened the same with me did you guys got any resolution for it ??

Nothing will happen, they don’t provide services Everywhere, they are also racists. Do not buy their subscription. I received the amount i paid and that too after deductions and only because i filed a complaint in the consumer court of my country. Do not subscribe to these morons.