Please tell me why my item reject?

Please tell me why my php laravel item reject?

How many accounts do you have?

But lots off ai templates come envato…

Let me clear this way:

There’re few AI based projects ( ChatGPT/Dall-E etc ) already and if you’re not offering anything new to the marketplace, I don’t think it will get approval. ( They are not going to approve another same/similar project as new - those projects all connected to API and at the end, you’re offering the same service/system )

I hope that instead of quietly refusing, envato should note the reason for the rejection to the author

Hello, I am new in Envato, I want to submit my items but i am little poor to submit systematic upload so i want to know that exactly what i need to prepared for submit final file and what types of quality needs to submit?

They are providing the details for the soft-rejected items to get the issues fixed but it’s not possible for hard-rejected items.

On your side, it sounds better but imagine that there’re thousands of items to be reviewed everyday. Spending just another minute would cause 2 days delay for the next review ( 1000x2=2000/60=33 hours 33/8=4 day )