Item got instantly rejected

Hi everyone,
Yesterday I uploaded a new item and within 2-3 minutes my item got hard rejected. I have two items on the codecanyon and I followed same upload structure/format. I got rejected 3-4 times on January and February for different items without being checked by the reviewer(I have checked the google analytics no pageview). So I think my profile is in auto rejection. Should I create a different account? Will multiple account will be an issue? Thanks.

Exactly the same happened to me!

Today I‘ve reuploaded a fix and got rejected within 20 minutes :sweat_smile:

Sadly they don‘t give effort into writing reasons / any explanation by the reviewer why it got rejected so we don‘t know where we should improve anything!

Authors are not allowed to have more than two accounts - one exclusive, and one non-exclusive.

Am I Allowed to have Multiple Author Accounts?

If your item got hard rejected then you should give more times to increase the item quality with more premium features. You can check recently approved items in the same category of your item to get some inspiration and idea about quality.


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All good and fine. But why do items get hardrejected without a personal explanation instead of these autogenerated answers we could exactly know the reason?

Thanks for your answer. I can bet there are only one or two other product with these huge feature of ours. Our 5 months of hard works just got rejected within 5 minutes.
If you are interested you can check our demo

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Again exactly what I came across.
6 months of hard work blew up.

This is my script. Other scripts like PlayTube got so many bugs and not stable features. Our product is stable and unique. PlayTube doesn‘t use any common frameworks. We‘re using Laravel, Vue and Sass!

I can‘t explain to myself whats happening.

Some information here: How to Get Your Items Through Review at Envato – Envato Author Help Center

The reviewer could at least write something like ‚hard rejected because of copyright issues‘ or anything else, just as a point for us, where we csn hold on to improve it.

You sould be validating HTML yourself.

Sorry to say, but I think the reason of hard rejection is poor design. And about reviewers, just imagine they have hundreds of uploads and you want them to make explanation on hard reject. Sometimes they don’t even make normal explanation about soft reject.