My Laravel script has been hard rejected for the third time without any explanation.

Hi, does anyone know why my Freelancer marketplace script was hard rejected without explaining the issue? It’s causing confusion for me, and I’m unable to understand what the area reviewer means. They rejected it within a few moments after submission.

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If your product is hard rejected, normally without making significant changes, you cannot resubmit the same item again. If this is your third attempt at submitting the same item, then the chances are that Envato just simply rejected it because you had already been rejected previously.

The reviewer presumably told you what was wrong in the first instance, or second. Or did you just get a standard rejection email?

So for example did you provide the reviewer with?

  1. Login credentials so they could check the admin area?
  2. Proper documentation for the script?

Without knowing what they said to you, its hard to give advice.

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Thank you for your suggestion. Yes, I have made significant changes after every rejection, and the design looks completely different and noticeable.

However, I did not provide the reviewer with the following:

  1. Login credentials so they could check the admin area.

Instead, I have added an installation guide file as documentation. Is the lack of login credentials the main reason for the rejection? Is it mandatory to provide login credentials for the Laravel script? I’m new to Codecanyon, and this is my first submission.

The lack of user dash and admin demo access (for reviewers and buyers also) would definitely be a big issue

You also need to go through the site on mobile as there are a lot of areas that need fixing e.g the form content or parts of the home page


As my colleague @charlie4282 has pointed out there are items you need to review.

Additionally please refer to these topics -
Quality and Technical Requirements:

Code Item Requirements:

Common Rejection Factors for Code Items:

These 3 pages are your go to pages (apart from asking other authors here for advice). Bear in mind on the forum you will get help and advice, but we do not control how Envato approves items. There are some excellent authors and members on here who can offer some suggestions, so don’t give up :slight_smile:

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Thank you

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Thanak you


From a design point of view, your app looks pretty good. Not sure why it was hard rejected.

It may be because there are too many similar files?